Kai Miedendorp is an EMMY nominated Director of Photography and his award winning body of work is a clear reflection of his highly advanced technical skill, clarity of expression, and artistic vision. His 15 years of professional experience in film and television has encompassed a wide range of projects and his work has spanned the globe. Kai’s most recent projects include collaborations with award-winning directors such as Crispin Glover and Dipesh Jain.

Kai’s technical expertise spans from all analog shooting formats to the latest digital cine cameras. More importantly, he knows how to use the cinematic toolbox to create unforgettable stories, expressive characters and evocative imagery. Whether working with intense content, extreme climates or on fast-paced schedules he consistently delivers high-end compelling visuals. Kai holds a deep understanding of the creative and physical demands of filmmaking, as well as a unique ability to bridge documentary and fiction film techniques; one that brings cinematic looks to non-fiction and the intimacy of real life to narrative work.
In addition to his technical credentials, he is incredibly passionate about film and about the work he does. He loves to work hard, he loves to work on teams, he enjoys finding inspiration and solutions to meet the demands on set and he absolutely loves the art of storytelling.

Kai grew up in Germany and the Czech Republic. He received his MFA in Cinematography at the acclaimed German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) and completed exchange programs at FAMU in Prague and at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where he focused on documentary filmmaking and film/video. He also holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree. Kai lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn, NY.


Awards and Nominations

EMMY ® Nomination – Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary, 2017

Winner – Grand Jury Prize, India Gold Competition, Mumbai Film Festival, 2017

Nomination – Kim Ji-seok Award, Busan International Film Festival, 2017

Nomination – Best Asian Film, The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award, 2018


Sarah Ward
Screen International, 2017

Lensing the film’s vast yet closed-in location, cinematographer Kai Miedendorp ensures that every nook and cranny seems familiar yet unique, evoking the requisite sense of restriction but losing none of Old Delhi’s on-the-ground texture. Unsurprisingly, handheld camerawork proves a pivotal tool in the feature’s arsenal, imparting both urgency and intimacy in winding alleys and tiny apartments alike.


Sandip Pal
DesiMartini, 2018

A Film Par Excellence, Shakes You From Within!
The cinematography by Kai Miedendorp is like a cherry on the cake! His camera work makes the viewer feel the claustrophobia of Old Delhi, its dingy, labyrinthine alleys are brought to life, like never before! The usage of colour tones as well is worth mentioning here, the scenes involving the teenager Iddu and Khudoos are deliberately done in a sombre to dark tone, and on the contrary whenever Ganeshi (Ranvir Shorey) enters the frame, the tones are much brighter and more lit up; giving a sense of relief to the eyes! This has been done deliberately to subtly highlight the mindset, the psychological conditions and the worlds they belong to!

All in all, the film gradually sucks you in, it makes you a part of the milieu and you desperately would want to get out of it. It is a film whose effect stays with you for a long time after you have left the theatre!


Gaurang Chauhan
Times Now News, 2018

The cinematography by Kai Miedendorp is one of the biggest pluses of the film. He along with director Dipesh Jain shows the other side of Old Delhi, the unseen one. The one that’ll haunt you long after the film is over. In fact, you’ll never see the place in the same light, as to how it has been portrayed in our films, again.


Kunal Guha
Mumbai Mirror, 2018

Much credit goes to cinematographer Kai Miedendorp whose frames capture the dingy spaces the film explores, in a manner that it assists in storytelling and evokes the precise mood.


K. Vanek
Diebe der Nacht, 2018

Incredible close and authentic shots of the district, winding streets, terraces, staircases, balconies, entrances, the streets so narrow that you doubt if you can go there at all. With the small detail, which abstracts like a hunt to its own structures, created in this film shots that sometimes remind of Andreas Gursky. For photography, the German-Czech cinematographer Kai Miedendorp is responsible, who creates an absolutely worth seeing portrait of Old Delhi.


Ben Flanagan
dmovies, 2018

It’s a dynamic view of the city as shot by Kai Miedendorp: strong shadows intensify a noir aspiration blended with social realism.


Panos Kotzathanasis
Asian Movie Pulse, 2018

Director Dipesh Jain benefits the most by Kai Miedendorp’s cinematography that portrays the old city as a labyrinth that everyone tries to escape from but never succeeds, while the impressive, panoramic shots of the city provide the sole, but brief relief from this sense.


Deborah Young
The Hollywood Reporter, 2017

Kai Miedendorp’s lighting creates a sinister atmosphere through extensive use of those titular shadows.


Crispin Glover

Kai is a highly skilled director of photography that understands budget, time constraints, working the mechanics of classical analogue cameras and of course lighting that works for all motion picture media. Kai is also sensitive to artistic nuance and both accommodating to pre-existing concepts and inspired at coming up with solutions for both technical problems when they arise and artistic ways to solve any visual needs that should arise at the last moment.


Manoj Bajpayee

I always thought I have never seen a more hard working person than myself but whenever I looked at Kai during our film shoot I felt that there is somebody that I have to compete with. I really feel that Kai is an inspiration for me for the rest of my life. Kai is such a great teacher just through his work, his deed, and through his karma.


Nina Fischer / Maroan el Sani

When we met Kai couple of years ago we already saw his talent and passion for the moving image and his creative ability to adapt the visual language into hybrid forms of filmmaking. We were sure that he would be ideal for complementing our team for this very special project. His professional behaviour, his ability to adapt very easily into different cultures and environments, his remarkable understanding of cinema and art and his personality made him the ideal partner and Director of Photography for the film. In the end his artistic and sensitive visual work became one of the major factors for the success of the film installation.


Jan Schütte
Dean of the AFI

In Kais capacity as a Director of Photography, he is the artist on the project who is most directly responsible for the visual style of the film. Kai is highly regarded for his talent and abilities to select the composition and conceive the lighting to be employed on the film. I have no doubt he will continue to enjoy tremendous success as his extraordinary abilities will enable him to achieve high levels of achievement in the field.


Deborah LaVine
Program Director CalArts

Kai is a hugely talented filmmaking artist, and more, a kind, generous, remarkable citizen of the artmaking world. He commits to his work, to his community and to the pursuit of socially relevant art making with a deep sense of integrity and passion.

( work as DP / selection )


In postproduction

BLACK MILK (short film, Red 4K)
Director: Skjalg Molvær; based on a idea by Egil Paulsen
Producer: Genesis Film (NO)

NO. YOU’RE WRONG! (feature film, 35mm)
Director/Producer: Crispin Glover (US)


Feature Length

40 DAYS – Canelo vs. Jacobs (Documentary, shared credit, 2×20 mins, Arri Alexa Mini)
Producer: DAZN, Uninterrupted (US)

IN THE SHADOWS – GALI GULEIYAN (feature film, 117 mins, Arri Alexa XT)
Director: Dipesh Jain
Producer: Exstant Motion Pictures (UK/IN), dragonfly films (DE)
# 2017 Winner: Grand Jury Prize, Mumbai Int’l Film Festival, India

NEW ZEALAND – THE WILD SOUTH (Documentary, shared credit, 43 mins, 4K)
Director: Robert Morgenstern
Producer: NDR (DE)

NORDLAND (feature film, 105 mins, Red 4K)
Director: IJ.Biermann
Producer: Silverio Films & Onfeatures Filmproduction (CH)
# 2014 Winner: Film Talent Award, Filmkunstfest Schwerin, Germany
# 2014 Official Selection: Film Market – Festival de Cannes, France

FAUST – DER TRAGÖDIE ERSTER TEIL (feature film, 78 mins, Super 35mm)
Director: IJ.Biermann
Producer: dffb (DE)

WILD NEW ZEALAND (Natural History documentary, shared credit, 3×60 mins, 4K)
Director: Robert Morgenstern, Holly Wallace
Producer: BBC (UK), NatGeo (US), ATARA Film (DE)
# 2017 Nomination: EMMY ®, Outstanding Narrator
# 2017 Nomination: EMMY ®, Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary
# 2017 Nomination: German Cinematography Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis)

VOICE – SCULPTING SOUND WITH MAJA S.K. RATKJE (documentary, 94 mins, Arri Alexa)
Director: IJ.Biermann
Producer: Myrland Film (DE), Genesis Film (NO)

CREPUSCULAR HOUR (documentary, 60 mins, Arri Alexa)
Director, Producer: Kathy Hinde (UK)

LAND OF JOY (documentary, 78 mins, Super 16)
Director: Laura Lazzarin
Producer: Gregor Hutz (DE)
# 2011 Nomination: Best Film italiana.doc – Torino Film Festival, Italy

NOCTURNE (documentary, 90 mins, HD)
Director: IJ.Biermann
Producer: dffb (DE)


Short Format (selection)

EMUNAH (short film, 18 mins, Red 4K)
Director/Producer: Igor Yankilevich (US)

Director: Günther Franke
Producer: Paul Zischler (DE)
# 2011 Nomination: German Short Film Award (Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis)
# 2012 Winner: Predicate of `Special Merit’ by the German Film Evaluation Office (FBW: besonders wertvoll)
# 2012 Winner: Best Short Film – FIC Puebla int’l Film Festival, Mexico

MORGEN FRÜH WENN GOTT WILL | FIRST FROST (short film, 06 mins, Red 4K)
Director: Maria Anna Rimpfl
Producer: arte (DE)
# 2009 Nomination: Grand Prix des Amériques – World Film Festival Montréal, Canada

ZOEY (short film, 06 min, HD)
Director: Günther Franke
Producer: arte (DE)
# 2008 Winner: Predicate of `Special Merit’ by the German Film Evaluation Office (FBW: besonders wertvoll)

IDENTITIES UNKNOWN (short film, 7 mins, HD)
Director: Joshua Gleason
Producer: CalArts (US)

A ROOM WITH NO VIEW (short film, 15 mins, RED 4K)
Director: Inger Lene Stordrange
Producer: Genesis Film (NO)

PRIVATUNTERRICHT | PRIVATE LESSON (short film, 29 mins, Super 16)
Director: Laura Lazzarin
Producer: Dffb (DE)

IN ZEITEN DES BOOMS (short film, 29 mins, Super 16)
Director: Sandra Kaudelka
Producer: Dffb (DE)

THE LAKE (3-ch video installation, Red 4K)
Director: Spencer Holden
Producer: CalArts (USA)
# 2013 Screening at RedCat Los Angeles, USA

I LIVE IN FEAR – AFTER MARCH 11 (2-ch video installation, 33 mins, HD+16mm)
Director: Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani
Producer: Fischer/el Sani (JP)
# 2014 Exhibition at Art Basel, Switzerland
# 2014 Exhibition at Media City Seoul, South Korea
# 2013 Exhibition at Aichi Triennale, Japan

THE ASTRONAUT’S ARK (1-ch video installation, 05 mins, HD)
Directors: Kai Miedendorp, IJ.Biermann, Fiene Scharp
Producer: Adk (DE)
# 2013 Exhibition at Academy of Arts Berlin, Germany
# 2013 Exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz, Austria

PFAD/ VORGARTEN/ KOLLAPS/ STILLE/ ( 2-ch video installation, 08 mins, 35mm)
Director/Producer: Kai Miedendorp
# 2014 Winner: Laureat of the festival – XVIII int’l Ecological Festival, Russia
# 2013 Winner: First jury prize – UmweltTage Bremen, Germany
# 2012 Winner: Festival competition – Ekofilm Festival, Czech Republik
# 35 International Film Festival screenings & exhibitions

BREAKFAST AT CELINES (tv-documentary, 05 mins, HD)
Director: Günther Franke, Kai Miedendorp
Producer: 3sat, Stefan Müller (DE)
# 2010 Nomination: German Cinematography Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis)

NACHTGESTALTEN (tv-documentary, 05 mins, HD)
Director: Günther Franke, Kai Miedendorp
Producer: 3sat, Stefan Müller (DE)

SOUTH AFRICA – HIDDEN TRAILS (tv-documentary, 25 mins, HD)
Producer: ntv (DE)

ST. MORITZ – SNOW POLO (tv-documentary, 10 mins, HD)
Producer: ntv (DE)



WE RUN THESE STREETS (commercial/fashion, Sony 4K)
Director, Producer: Cathrine Wessel
Client: Paper Magazine (US)

GRAVITY (commercial, Red Scarlet)
Director: Christopher Scott
Producer: Domicile Films (US)


Art Videos

REFLECTIONS ON PLACE – Memorial Art Gallery Rochester (Artist Portrait, 5 mins, Panasonic 4K)
Producer: Neues Medium (US)

SALLY ROSS: MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES – Fergus McCaffrey NYC (Artist Portrait, 90s, Canon 4K)
Producer: Neues Medium (US)